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Today is my first time to try it.  I think its function of this version very cool!....

For this version  can solve  many problems for me and  my friends such as , patch managing , help to connect to the network , solve the problem that someone can't log in to their facebook, and  the important  plug -in that  very useful  to everyone  who use  the computer  is  Adobe  Flash  Player .  

This  version  also  add  its  to  solve  a  big  problem  of  someone, that  including me.    

Some  problem  that  I can't  solve  its  such  as  a  problem  to update Windows 7 service pace 1 (KB 976932).  

And I  go to web sit of to help and support me to this problem .  

I  do  everything  from  their  recommendation  and  then  the end of the answer is some  errors code  can  not  solve  .  

I  lost  a lot of time to pat  attention  to read  so  many  advise,  and  try  to  fix  it  but  the  answer  is  ... 80070002  =  ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND......

       800B0100  =  TRUST_E_ NOSIGNATURE.....    

And  reccommend  to  use KB 947821  instant  of  KB 976932

Oh!! my  god  .....  my  computer  has the sentence  " Have some  error with my computer from

KB 976932  because it's not  configuration for my  system .  So,  my  computer  HANG  HANG  HANG .

Thank  you very  much  for your  kindness  to  let  us  use  Baidu PC Faster  .

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Dear User

We acknowledged your feedback. Thank youfor entrusting with Baidu PC Faster to take care your computerand give us an opinion about our products. We surely that our software will make your computer become faster, and always clean withthe strong protection.We will try to looking for the possibilities to do as you requested in thefuture. Please be patient.

If you have more questions or would like toshare your opinion about Baidu PC Faster, please send your feedback to us atemail

Best Regards,

Baidu Technical Support

Baidu Inc. Bangkok, Thailand


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